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Artomique Paradigm Kickstarter Successful

April 7, 2022
Our Crowdfund for The Artomique Paradigm was successful!

We'll be launching a short IndieGoGo to pick up a few more orders soon.

Coming Soon: Michael Tierney's Wild Stars V: The Artomique Paradigm

February 18, 2022

75,000 years ago, an immortal being from another universe, known only as the Ancient Warrior, led mankind on an exodus to the stars in the face of a massive alien invasion. While the branch of humanity remaining behind survived the Marzanti attempt to terraform earth into a paradise for aquatic alien nightmares, their cousins settled in the distant reaches of space known as the Wild Stars. 

The Artomique Paradigm takes place at the first formal reunion of Earth and their Wild Stars cousins. Er...

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